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Learn More About That's The Name

Selecting a brand name is often a difficult process. What name do I want? Is that name taken? If it is taken can I get the dot com domain name?

Each one of these steps takes careful consideration and is often best advised to take on with an experienced marketing professional. Our company has had success starting several different businesses on our own and when it comes to branding we know that creating a professional and well thought out brand is something that requires extensive support and a full-time effort for. When we founded our company it was with the intent to provide extensive research and support to other individuals interested in starting their brand or  expanding their brand image.

Branding doesn’t have to be something that takes an extensive amount of strategizing or researching. With our prepackaged and ready made brands you can get access to everything that you need to start building a professional brand today. We have a team of marketers, graphic designers and brand strategists who create new brands daily. We are excited that we have a chance to help all businesses large and small to generate success by attaching a professional brand to your business idea.

If you are interested in purchasing an original brand for your new company, contact our staff today or feel free to browse the selections we have to offer!

With our simple selection process you simply review a list of brands we have available and pick what you want. With it you get the dot com domain name and the matching logo as seen on the site.

What happens when you want to purchase a domain? Simply contact us and an escrow agent will walk you through the process. You’ll pay through a secure payment portal, unique transfer instructions will be sent depending on how the domain name will be transferred and once the domain is confirmed in your possession funds will be released from escrow.