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Animal Business Domain Names For Your New Brand

Animal Business Names


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When it comes to creating your new brand name, you want something that is memorable and distinctive. Having a brand name that stands out in the sea of many other emerging companies is imperative to your success, but with so many of them already taken, you may feel at a loss as to what you should do. You have looked everywhere for inspiration, but have you once turned to the animal kingdom to get inspired? Animal names for a business have a way of resonating with people and offering a sense of power behind the brand name, making them ideal for virtually any business.

Animal names tend to stick with customers more often than not. Having a beastly name can make a huge difference in getting your service or new product recognized in a world of many. Take Monster.com for instance. Virtually instantly, Monster.com was able to draw attention with its fun, prominent and ultimately memorable name, taking the world by storm. You can also turn to the brand Caterpillar to see it in action as well. While a century ago, naming your brand something that directly reflects the company, such as General Motors, was advised, that is not the case in the modern day world of marketing.

These brand styles also lend themselves to a stronger presence and the possibility of more recognizable logos. It can be hard to picture what a brand called “Priceline” might look like, as it is hard for the mind to put an image to what “price” might look like. With examples such as Jaguar, you are not only getting a strong name, you are also setting up for a noticeable logo on the hood of the car. The WWF comes with its familiar and recognizable panda that you likely think of instantly when someone brings up the organization.

You can easily associate your brand’s attributes through an animal brand name as well. When you pick out an animal as your so-called mascot, you are benefiting from everything that the animal is associated with. For instance, FireFox is associated with responsiveness, cleverness and speed. The Dove brand of skincare products reflects the peaceful and soothing thought of doves. Even companies who do not have brand names that deal with animals have logos that reflect them, such as the butterfly logo at MSN or the absolutely iconic Energizer Bunny.

Brand names also allow for plenty of potential for expansion. Take RedBull as an example. It is a high-energy drink that has helped to get the brand to expand into sports marketing, music and games, straying away from solely dealing with energy drinks. When you identify with certain animals, you can lend yourself more opportunities for growth which will ultimately lend itself to more revenue.

Animal brand names can truly make a memorable statement and can be one that offers you an abundance of opportunity to do virtually anything with your business. Consider an animal brand name for your own company!