Coding Business Names

How to Choose a Sensational Name for Coding Services or Tools

Despite the near-universal use of digital technology and tools, coding is still a mystery for a majority of the population. What adds to the mystery is the growing number of coding platforms, languages, and tools. It is simply impossible to remain updated with all of them. So, most small and medium businesses simply hire an external agency to take care of any digital aspects of their operations. As for large businesses, they often prefer to outsource the non-core aspects of their business. Naturally, there are a large number of coding tools and service providers out there to cater to these businesses. How do you differentiate your business from the millions of similar services? A memorable, trendy, and inspiring name is one of the most powerful ways to ensure that your brand’s visibility spreads like wildfire.

A business operating in the mysterious world of coding deserves an equally mysterious name. And, you don’t have to go far looking for inspiration. Which is one field which keeps churning out the most mysterious sounding names? The military, of course. Whether they are trained to pick the most edgy and tense sounding names or not, we will never know. But they always come up with the most obscure names. You can choose a perfect name for your coding service or tool by drawing some inspiration from the names of military operations. Look at these – Primrose, Prism, Canvas, and Deadlight. They all sound so mysterious, yet are so familiar that anyone can remember them.

If you intend to have a strong online presence and wish to leverage it to gain more clients, then you need to think of a name that gives you the best domain name. A popular trend these days is choosing non-popular domain extensions. Domain Extensions like .IO, .CAFE, .CHEAP, .CLICK, .CODES, .GURU, .ONE, and many others can help you create superb domain names. In fact, you can even use these domain extensions as part of your brand name. Say, you offer coding services in Java. Then your brand name can be Java Guru, and your domain How awesome is that! Your audience will always remember you and your domain, once they come across it.

Still finding it hard to find the right name? Don’t worry. Check out our specially curated list of names that are designed for coding tools and services. Each one of them is better than the other. You will love them. You can easily find one that suits your specific requirement. The names that make to our lists are only those that are rated high in popularity by our survey takers. So, you get a pre-tested name that is guaranteed to be a hit.