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Build Your New Company With A Great Construction Business Name

Construction Business Names


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Construction business is a high-stakes business for both the companies as well as the customers. For the customers, it is a huge commitment in terms of time and money. The same is true for the companies catering to them. It is no wonder that the names that work magnificently for the businesses in other industries fall flat when it comes to the construction industry.
A construction company’s name should inspire confidence in the minds of the audience. Some of the positive attributes of a trustworthy construction company are strength, good quality, reliability, simplicity. If you can find a way to incorporate all of these attributes into your company name, then you have hit a jackpot. Such names will typically be on the lines of Hammer Construction, BlackRock Construction, Guardian Builders, etc. All of these names evoke trust, which makes them a great name for full-service construction companies that offer their customers a one-stop-solution for all of their construction needs.

On the other hand, if your business operates in a specific category of construction, then you can use your service category as part of your company name, albeit with one addition – a powerful adjective or noun. The adjective or noun that you choose should complement your services. Suppose you offer renovation services, then a name like “Renovation Edge” makes you sound like a high-tech renovation company that is probably capable of offering smart, high-end renovation solutions. If you are in the landscaping business, then you can make use of words like “green” that highlight your ecofriendly solutions, or words like “vision” that convey your creative landscaping solutions. The word you add to your business should tell your customers how you want them to perceive you.

Construction companies that are operating out of posh localities have a clear advantage. They can name their company after the area where they are located or where they began their operations. For instance, a company working in Beverly Hills can name itself Beverly Hills Construction. The advantage of such a name is that customers from other localities instinctively believe that you are a high quality service provider, because you already offer your services to customers in a fancy neighborhood. That being said, there are two pitfalls to this naming strategy. One is that you will be perceived to be a high-end company, which means that customers with limited budgets will avoid you. This is fine, if you are only focused on high-end customers. Secondly, your audience may think that your services are specific to your namesake locality. However, you can turn this to your advantage by running ad campaigns with titles on the lines of, “Beverly Hills Construction Company now in ABC AREA too”.

Finding it hard to come up with names that perfectly capture your business’s essence? No worries. We are here to help you. We have built a special list of construction company names that make sensational titles for your business. Get your business name today and enjoy widespread market acceptance from day one.