Consulting Business Names

Tricks to Finding Best Consulting Business Names

The most common mistake that consultants make when choosing a name for their company is to lazily choose their initials. With a name like JFK Associates, AHG Consulting Group, and so on, they work tirelessly to create a brand for themselves, while their potential customers invariably forget such names. Here’s some reality check – nobody ever remembers the initials. So, drop the entire idea if you have been thinking on those lines.

So, what makes a good consulting business name?

The single most important criterion for choosing a consulting name is that it should instill trust in the hearts and minds of your potential customers. They should take you seriously. After all, they are trusting you with their business. They consider you an expert and are seeking your expertise in areas where they lack themselves. If they do not trust you, why will they hire you?

There’s nothing wrong in choosing your name for your company. In fact, it is a great choice if you have already built yourself quite a reputation in your industry. If you haven’t, then there isn’t much value your name will add to your business. A better strategy would be to give your company a name that bespeaks your core strength. Remember The Clever Consultant? Similarly, you can choose a word that brings out the best in you.
Good names are hard to come by, and when you do find them, it will be harder to find a good domain name. While choosing a domain name, keep one thing in mind. There is no substitute for a .com domain in the corporate world. People trust businesses with .com domains more compared to other domains. So, before finalizing on a name, make sure that there is a .com domain available for your business name.

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