Design Business Names

How to Give Your Design Business a Creative Name

Design companies are in the business of providing creative services to their clients. If they are to establish themselves as a competent, creative agency, then they have to show their creativity in every aspect of their business. This includes the business name too. However, it is not always possible.

If you have the funds to engage in an intense marketing campaign from day one, then a highly creative name, perhaps a unique name, would be your best choice. That way, you will have a unique keyword for a name, which will make it easier for your audience to find you on the internet. But, this works only when you can spend a lot of money on marketing. Otherwise, just having a simple and unique name, no matter how creative, will not help you find customers easily. The reason is simple. When they come across your name they will not instantly know what your business does. With the right marketing strategy, you can create awareness about your brand. Once they know what you do, your creative choice of a name will leave them impressed.

On the other hand, if you are a startup who has to be smart about its expenses, then you would benefit greatly from having a simple name that explicitly states what you do. That way, you can ensure that more people know what you do, even if they come across your name once. A simple name is also easy to pronounce and remember, which means you can benefit from the word of mouth marketing as well.

Another thing you have to consider is what customer segment are you planning to target? If you are targeting a niche market such as real estate photographers, advertising agencies, software companies, and so on, then your name should reflect that. Also, the name you choose should be such that you can get the exact .com domain. If you have a business name and also a domain name that express what your business does, then you will be able to reach a large number of customers with little expense.

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