Engineering Business Names

Choosing a Credible and Trustworthy Name for Your Engineering Business

In the engineering business, credibility is the most important factor for success. A small mistake by an engineering company can cause anything from a minor downtime to a major disaster that can harm human life. So, engineering businesses need to be absolutely meticulous, trustworthy, and have a strong reputation to go with them. If you are a startup, then you are faced with a challenge here, as you do not have a reputation in the industry yet. Perhaps, a right business can come to your rescue here.

Your primary focus during the initial days of your business would be to create a reputation around your brand. You have to make people familiar with your brand, and generate respect for it.

There are two ways you can go about this. One way would be to go for a familiar word as a name. If possible, choose a word that everyone in your industry is familiar with. The word should have positive connotations that can be transferred to your business. Goodwill Engineering and Sunshine Contractors are two of the examples that come to mind. Goodwill and Sunshine are both positive words, which evoke positive emotions. They lend a human touch to your business, which some people like and some don’t.

The other option you have is to go for a solemn sounding or maybe even somber sounding names. For instance, Highbrow Construction and Darkwood Refinery have a certain seriousness attached to their names. Such names evoke a sense of respect when someone comes across them.

Any name you choose should have the corresponding .com domain available for purchase. Even if you have to purchase it from a present owner, you should check it out. They might agree to sell it to you for a decent price. This is important because other domain extensions are considered to be less professional than the .com extension. It is a matter of perception, and in any business, the perception of quality is almost as important as the actual quality. So, find a name that has a .com domain.

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