Finance Business Names

How to Name Your Finance Business

When it comes to the finance business, a good name is one that sits comfortably on the line separating the utterly common from the strange and new. In other words, a good finance company should be familiar, but have a fresh feel to it. A right popular word can give your business name the familiarity your business needs to take off.

Finance, as an industry, is an enigmatic business for most of the people. Even though a lot of people know the various investment options, banking products, wealth management techniques, and so on, they do not spend a lot of time understanding and evaluating each of the products. Instead, they rely on companies like you to offer them the products with the highest potential for returns on investment. So, trust is an essential component of your business. Indeed, your name should also evoke trust in your customer’s mind.

As you are new to the business, building trust will take time. You can start by appealing to their emotions. A good name that generates images of prosperity, vitality, growth, leadership, and direction will leave you reassured of your capabilities. For instance, the name Parkwood generates the images of both a park and the trees, perhaps even forests. All of these images are filled with greenery, which denotes growth and calmness. Such names improve your professional image and promote trust in your brand, despite you being new to the business.

A time-tested technique employed by many businesses is to build a brand story for themselves. They start by coining a new word, either by joining two words or coming up with a fresh and original term. Once they come up with the name, they build a story around their brand name as to how it came to be. People don’t easily remember names, but they do remember stories. This strategy works best when you have a good sales team that is capable of spreading your brand story across your industry.

Despite all your efforts, even after having the most creative and amazing name, your business name may not create an impact that you wanted. That is why Find My New Name conducts extensive surveys and tests to check whether a business name will be a hit among the target audience or not. Only the names that survive our rigorous tests are brought to you. So, you know that these names are guaranteed to give you desirable results for your business. Wait no more! Get your finance business name from us right away!