Fruit Business Names

Why Do Fruit Based Business Names Work?

Fruit-based business names work fantastically. Their secret lies in the fact that fruits can be bright, colorful and distinct or like desserts delicious and desirable. Just look at various Android versions, Everyone loves them.

The most important objective of a business name is to be distinctive and stand out. Complicated names, which require your salesman to dissect the name and apologize for the confusion or your marketing team to spell it out multiple times, instantly lose their brand value. Fruit names make superb business names by virtue of their familiarity to people. Such names have high recall factor.

That’s not all. Consumer-centric businesses should feel interesting and fun. Not like boring corporate business names like General Electric or International Business machines, which have intimidating names that command respect and perhaps, even apprehension. What’s more fun and non-intimidating than a fruit name?

Most importantly, the moment we hear fruit names, our subconscious lends all the good attributes we have about fruits in our minds to that business. For instance, fruits are bright, pristine and have no negative connotations in our minds. They are pure goodies from nature. Consumers do not look at businesses with fruit names as big corporate machines out for their money. They look at them as fun and spirited entities that are always ready to help them and improve their lives. Take Apple for example, it’s seen as a premium and fun brand despite being one of the largest corporations in the world.

Finally, fruit names are not a fad and that’s a good thing. This means that their appeal does not expire after a short time, unlike most trends. Instead, a fruit name is classy, fun, and friendly. It is, by its very nature, fashionable and a timeless classic. After all Apple has been around for decades. Also, fruit names make great logos. The logos of Apple, Blackberry, Mango, Orange, and others are iconic. They are easily recognizable, simple, and unpretentious, which goes a long way in humanizing the business in the eyes of the consumer.