Invented Business Names

Why Invented Names Make Superb Business Names?

Invented names are nothing new in the world of business. Every business wants to be seen as a unique enterprise. They brand, position, and market their business in line with how they want to be perceived. Invented names are a great hit among businesses in every industry because they accord a high degree of freedom with how those names can be marketed. They can be given any type of psychological attributes to make them attractive for the right audience. That’s a powerful strength when it comes to branding.

Typically, most businesses go for invented names to get complete ownership of the name. They get the intellectual rights to the names so that they cannot be used by anyone else. This is the best way to ensure that nobody else already has the ownership of your business name, or ever will in the future. So, you will be the only company with that name in your industry. Whenever a prospective customer searches for you, the chances of them ending up on your competitor’s website are massively reduced.

Invented names allow for expansion and diversification. Suppose your business name is Johnson Real Estate Company. What are you going to do tomorrow when you diversify into finance consulting or construction? Will you still keep that name? More than a few businesses have committed this silly mistake and have suffered on account of it. Don’t be like them. An invented name allows you the flexibility to diversify into any business and industry they like. Take Google for instance. They are into online search, smartphones, streaming devices, robotics, video sharing, social networking, analytics, infrastructure, and a lot of other things. If you want to grow, you need a business name that makes it possible.

However, finding a catchy and effective invented names for businesses is not an easy task. What you like, your customers may not like. What they like may not suit your growth prospects. So, instead of worrying too much about it, get an invented name from us. Thats The Name has the ultimate directory of clever invented names that are catchy and easy to remember. All these names have been tested with the right demographics to check whether they make good names in different industries. We choose only those names that give the best results during our testing. Rest assured, with our invented name, you will be able to differentiate your brand and reach across to your audience.