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Keyword Based Names

In the digital era, online presence is everything for most businesses. Even for B2B businesses, if they don’t have any online presence, they might as well not exist. So, it goes to say that whatever makes you easy to find on the internet and gives you more visibility is good. What is the one thing that is the most important factor for online visibility? The answer is keywords. Keywords rule the world of the internet. They are your window to your target audience. By using the right keywords, you can reach customers anywhere in the world.

Many businesses choose their domain name based on their business name. For instance, if their business name is ABC Consultants LLC, their website domain in all probability, would be abcconsultants com. But, that’s as generic as it can get in the world of business. Unless you are a multi-million dollar business, who will be pouring millions in marketing, it will be hard to make your audience understand what your business does. Are you consulting on construction, investing, mergers and acquisitions, or any other business domain? Instead of choosing a business name and then going for a domain name, why not pick a domain name first, and name your business accordingly?

The biggest advantage of keyword based domains is that they are a massive hit with search engines. Whenever search engine users go looking for something online using keywords, the results usually list the businesses with those keywords in their domain names. So, this gives you amazing brand visibility, which means more traffic, more customers, and eventually, more business.

In addition, choosing industry specific keywords will help your audience know what you do even before they click on your website link. For instance, domain names like abclandscaping, shoestore, and so on, are so beautifully simple that internet users will instantly recognize what your business does even before they have clicked it. In a world, where consumers’ attention spans are decreasing and they are constantly bombarded with thousands of brand names every day, you have to make it as easy and fast as possible for them to understand who you are and what you do. Most important of all, keyword based names stick in memory, which is a great branding move.

We bring the best keyword-based names that are handpicked by our curators. Each of our business names is subjected to rigorous testing with focus groups for their popularity. For keyword based business names, we test the respective keywords for the size of the audience they offer over the internet, and choose only those that give maximum visibility to our clients. In other words, once you pick our keyword based business name for your venture, your popularity will spread like a wildfire over the internet.