Logistics Business Names

Why Name is Everything in the Logistics Business

In the courier business, trust is everything. Your customers should trust your capabilities to transport their packages securely, safely, and confidentially. Of course, you should have the logistical capability to deliver on your promises. But, before you deliver, before your customers hire your services, you should capture their attention and establish yourself as a trustworthy brand in their minds. Considering that people’s attention spans are decreasing rapidly, it is paramount that you gain their trust in the minimum time. But, how? With a name that instantly resonates with the psyche of your target audience.

The standard technique used by the biggest names in this business is to use words that evoke a powerful sense of trust in people. Words like “Federal”, “United”, etc. rate high on trustworthiness. People tend to associate those words with the government. Even when they know that your company is not related to the government in any way, the trust is established on a subconscious level. So, half of your job is done.

Then there is the matter of capability. People tend to trust those logistics companies more that have a national or international presence. So, it is always a great idea to use words like “National” or “International” in your name so that you are perceived to be a large company with capabilities to handle any kind of packages.

If you are in a niche category like transporting refrigerated packages, then include the name of the niche in your business name. That will give you free targeted promotion as your company vehicles travel the length and breadth of the cities in which you operate.

To ensure that your logistics company name does not break any copyright or trademark laws, and has high trustworthiness, pick a name from our thoughtfully curated list of logistics company names. We have tested them with people for their trustworthiness and are guaranteed not to conflict with any other company’s trademarks. Thanks to Find My New Name, your search for a good logistics company name ends here, and your business can start operations from tomorrow.