Luxury Business Names

The Name Game of the Luxury Industry

Choosing a name in the luxury industry is a herculean task. There are countless pitfalls to avoid, legal ramifications to consider, and marketing strategies involved. Not to mention the problems associated with taking your business to a global audience, where you name can mean anything in their local language. As it is paramount that you nail it the first time, here’s how you choose a name for your luxury business or brand.

In the luxury industry, emotions play the most important role. Of course, the product or service you sell should score high on utility, but it should resonate strongly with the audience’s emotions, values, and feelings as well. The name should communicate a creative, superior, and upscale lifestyle. It should be something that is directly in line with the sophisticated way of life they want for themselves. You can build in certain European-ness into your name to make it sound exotic and high end. Italian and French names are always desired by companies in the business of luxury.

A critical aspect of luxury businesses is that there should be no compromises in terms of quality or the perceptions of quality. Their stores have to be located at the poshest localities. They should feature in the hottest industry magazines. And, they should have the best domains, which means a .COM domain. This domain extension will give your brand more authenticity and trustworthiness. Also, it is important to make sure that your luxury brand name does not land you in legal issues. Check out if the name is taken or another company has registered the trademark. It’s best if you extend your due diligence to global markets as well. You never know how big you are going to grow, and you don’t want to land in legal troubles in those markets.

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