Outdoor Business Names

Ultimate Naming Strategy for Your Outdoor Business

Congratulations for finally deciding to start your own business. If you are opening a hiking gear store, hunting products business, kayaking training, a party bus service, or anything similar, then you are an outdoor business.

It goes to say that your outdoor business should have an outdoorsy feel to it. What better way to make your business feel outdoorsy than giving it an outdoorsy name?

Most outdoor businesses, especially in the recreation category, are in the business of selling dreams and hopes to their customers. It could be the dream of partying with friends, the dream of off-trail hiking, amazing adventures in the woods, and so on. You can best capture the attention of your audience with a name that will stoke their imagination and rekindle their fantasies of adventure and fun. Then you become a brand that enables them to have that adventure, which means a permanent place for you in their heart.

If you have a niche target in the outdoors industry, such as motorcycles, then you might choose a name that calls out to your target audience. For instance, if you sell motorcycles, then your target groups can be men, because the number of men who purchase your products far exceeds the number of women who do. So, names that call out to men like “Toys for Boys”, “Testosterone High”, can be highly effective.

Another powerful branding strategy used by outdoor businesses is to create exclusivity. People love to be part of something. It gives them a sense of belonging, and a way to pursue their hobbies. Use of worlds like club, league, squad, etc. is a powerful way to achieve that. It will make your business sound exclusive. While the name can achieve a lot, you should also help your customers connect with each other by creating an online forum for them on your website, or by arranging periodic meetups.

We know it is not easy to find names that checks on all these criteria. That is why we have done all the hard work and brought to you some of the most fantastic outdoor business names. They will highlight your strengths and help your business stand out among the competition. ThatsTheName puts its names through rigorous testing procedures to ascertain their catchiness. We run the names by many focus people and groups to check whether the name evokes positive connotations, joyful, and effective in its business category. So, pick your name today and experience a boom in your business.