Recruiting Business Names

Choosing a Name for Your Recruiting Business

More and more businesses are outsourcing their recruitment activities to external agencies in a bid to become more agile and focus on core activities. This translates to huge opportunities for recruitment companies. Naturally, a new crop of businesses has opened up in this sector to get a piece of this growing industry. If you are going to stand out among your competition, then you need a robust marketing strategy, contacts, and a great name that you make you popular. Well, we can help you with the last bit.

The recruiting industry is quite different from most other businesses in the sense that it works in both B2C and B2B domain. Your customers are both recruiters as well as jobseekers. So, the name you choose should be appealing to both of them. But more importantly, your choice of name should be in line with your marketing and operating strategy.

If you are operating in a niche segment, then it is important to have domain-relevant words in your name. For instance, if you offer recruitment services to businesses in the tech business, then your name should include the word like ‘tech’. Similarly, if your target businesses are in the trucking domain, it’s important to have a word like ‘truck’, ‘fleet’, etc. There are two advantages that such names give you. One is that both the jobseekers and the recruiters will know exactly what services you offer the moment they come across your business name. Secondly, such a name gives you the status of a specialist, and increases your chances of getting a positive response from your target groups.
However, bear in mind that such names will put serious limitations on your diversification strategies in the future. It will make it hard to get into other domains with a niche business name.

Online presence is absolutely indispensable for a recruiting business. There are no two ways about it. You need a strong online presence if you want jobseekers and recruiters to come to you. And what makes it super-easy to find you online? A catchy name that probably has the right keywords. That’s right. If your domain name has the right keywords in it, then such a domain name will be ranked higher by search engines. So, your business name should have a keyword that is popular online in the jobs category.

To achieve maximum success with your business, pick a name from our list of high impact names. These names have been designed specifically for the highly competitive recruiting business environment. They will help you establish yourself as an authority service among both jobseekers as well as recruiters. Get your business name today.