Retail Business Names

Tips on Naming Your Retail Business

Retail is a truly global business. Even small businesses in the hinterland of America get their products shipped from China, Thailand, Mexico, and Europe, depending on their product category. This poses a unique problem to retail businesses. They should name their businesses not only for their domestic audiences, but also for their international suppliers, and sometimes, customers. Some businesses have got an excellent name game going on, such as Tesco, eBay, etc. If you are on the crossroads to pick a name for your retail business, then follow these easy-to-follow tips, and you will be on the right path.

In the retail business, your business name should be in line with your target audience. If you are a departmental store, retail chain, a clothing store, or any other business that is targeting the medium or lower- income groups, then your business name should be short, simple, and catchy. It should be a single word, probably with no more than 3 syllables, and should be extremely easy to pronounce.

Unless you are targeting a very specific ethnic group, your name should be easily pronounceable by people from a variety of backgrounds. Also, make sure that the name you choose does not mean something offensive or negative in any of the major languages of the world. More importantly, be cautious with puns. People from other ethnicities may not understand your comedic reference and might consider your name odd or senseless.
For a high end business, it is extremely important that their name be considered upscale. The focus on sophistication is so high that it is quite alright to compromise on the length of the name. The case in point being Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Haute couture‎, and numerous other high-end brands.

Now, understand one more thing. What works for clothing and grocery will not work for cars, electronics, or other products. So, you should be mindful of your niche business and understand what your customers like and dislike. If possible, run your name ideas by your friends and family members. If they like it and remember the name when you ask them a week later, then you have found a good name.

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