Sales Business Names

Clever Naming Strategies for Sales Companies

Sales is arguably the most important function for any business. At least for profitable businesses. When businesses find themselves short on sales skills, strategies, or resources, they hire sales companies. Sales being ‘the department’ that is actually bringing all the revenue, the demand for sales skills and services is always high. That is why the market is replete with sales organizations which offer sales services to other organizations.

So, how do you differentiate your company in a market that is already swarming with countless sales companies? The answer is – by turning your company name into a powerful brand name. Now, that’s much easier said than done. To make this a reality, you should have the right name that can give your company the edge it needs to succeed.

The first rule of naming a sales company is – do not follow the old rules. For instance, don’t try to combine two words – one is usually an adjective and the other is your business related word – into one word. There are thousands of other businesses that have exactly the same kind of names. Check this. A sales company working with tea businesses will name itself “QualiTea”.

Another one of the oldest tricks in the book is playing with a single word. A local sales company offering retail network sales services may call itself, “Retell”. Coming up with names like this may sound clever in your head, but are the surest way to oblivion in a market that is unforgiving. Consumers and companies come across literally thousands of brand names like these, every day. They hardly have any appetite to care about another company with a generic name created using a generic formula.
And don’t even try giving your company a foreign language name. The name of some mythical Greek god of fast food, a philosophical word from ancient Latin, or the Spanish word for ‘perseverance’ is not going to work. Again, such words are too obscure for your audience to even register your company name.

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