Science Business Names

The Secret of Business Names Related to Science

Finding the right name for your business which is operating in the field of science can be a seriously daunting task. Should you go with a jargon? Is it smarter to go with a simple name? Or, how about a unique, made-up name? Everybody is combining two words into one interesting name. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Well, the truth is that every field of science is unique in its own way, and that applies to the names of businesses operating in them as well. Naming rules that work for biological science companies fall flat for companies working in data science. So, how would you go about it?

Although there are no common rules, you can consider different idea-generating guidelines to find the perfect name for your company.

For a scientific business operating in the B2B sector, the only golden rule when it comes to naming is that it should be unique. It should not be confused with any other product, brand, or company in the market. To achieve this, you can do pretty much anything you want – create a meaningless name, combine two perfectly normal words into one, or take a word from another language. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can even use your own name in the company name, if you wish. Just take into consideration that the names can be easily pronounced by your audience and your company representatives. You want them to be able to easily convey your brand to others at various networking events and conferences.

On the other hand, if your scientific business is operating in the B2C sector, then the naming rules are very different. Is your target audience the average consumer? If yes, then your company name should be trendy (not hippy) enough to comfort your audience. You don’t want your potential customers think that you are cooking up something nasty, defective, or harmful in your labs. They should consider you to be a friendly science company, who is there to help them. Also, keep the name simple. The easier it is to pronounce your name, the faster your company becomes famous.

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