Short Business Names

Benefits of Having a Short Brand Name

Having a perfect brand name can make all the difference to your business. A good brand name should achieve two objectives – instant popularity in the short term, and adaptability in the long term. If you are not able to achieve it with your brand name, there is something wrong. Here are the telltale signs of a good short brand name.

Instant Popularity

A short, catchy name is not hard to remember. It takes a minimum number of encounters with the brand name for the audience to remember it. This is important because consumers trust the word of mouth marketing. If someone you know and trust refers you a great brand, you would at least give it a try when you need their services, wouldn’t you? For this to happen, consumers should be able to recall your brand. The longer your brand name, the harder it is for them to either remember or correctly pronounce it. Simple, catchy names help your business go viral, riding on the word of mouth marketing strategy.


Short brand names are adaptable to changing business environment and strategies. If you decide to diversify your business tomorrow, short brand names come handy. Just think of all the businesses and services offered by Google. Samsung is in everything from phones to shipbuilding. Do you know what happens when you choose a long brand name? Ever heard of WPP? It is one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. Now, guess what WPP stands for? Wire and Plastic Products, because their first business was manufacturing wire baskets. When they decided to become an advertising company, they obviously couldn’t go with Wire and Plastic Products Advertising”. So, they rebranded themselves into their initials – WPP. If you don’t want that to happen to you, go for short brand names. They lend themselves to diversification quite easily.

Great Domains

If you have a short domain name, then it is easier for your audience to type your brand name when searching for you. Also, the URL becomes shorter and more efficient. The chances of them mistyping become almost impossible when you have a 3 or 4-letter brand name.

Awesome Brand Extensions

Once your brand becomes a hit, you may want to leverage its popularity to promote another product. If the other product is related to your brand’s category in some way, then you can go for brand extensions. Suppose you produce and sell mayonnaise and have branded your product “XYZ Mayonnaise”. You can easily expand into ketchups, sauces, etc. and name them XYZ Ketchup, XYZ Sauces. Short names make awesome umbrella brands, under which you can market a variety of products.