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Find A Great New Software Business Name

Software Business Names


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The Modern Art of Naming Software Products and Services

One of the most crucial characteristics of any successful software product is its user-friendliness. The reason is simple – most software users are not coders or highly tech-savvy. They could be businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, or people in other fields and just happen to need a software product to help them with a specific need. For them, a good product is one that they can easily use for whatever purposes they bought it. This logic extends to the name of the product too.

Here’s the golden rule – do not ever use a jargon while naming a software product. The only exception being that your customers are specialists in your business category. That being said, there are some tested ways of naming a software product that can guarantee its success, or at least popularity.

Choose a word that highlights your software’s most significant feature. Your software’s name should convey the advantage it offers its users. Secondly, use your creativity to play with the words in the name you just chose. The wordplay should be humorous and long-lasting. It should not get old fast.

Once you have chosen a funny and clever name, try it get a feel of how the name sounds. Is it difficult to pronounce? Are there any funny voices in the name that take away from its credibility? Then there is the most common pitfall that many big brands encounter – translations. A perfectly good word in your language can mean something really bad, offensive, or signal inferiority in some other language, religion or geographical location. If your target group is not people who speak other languages, then you might be safe. If not, then you don’t want to alienate any set of customers. This is especially true for software products which usually have a global audience as a target.

Another useful consideration is the first letter of your software’s name. Try to choose a name that starts with a letter that comes early in the alphabetical order. That way, whenever someone makes a list of software tools or services, your name pops up right at the top of such lists.
The next step is obviously checking for a .com domain availability and any possibility of trademark violation issues. You may be able to buy a .com domain even if it has already been purchased. But, if you happen to discover even the slightest chances of trademark violation, then drop the name without a second thought.

If you want the best name for your software that has been tested by real people for its catchiness and simplicity, then you are in luck. We just happen to have a great list of some of the most phenomenal names for software products. Just take a look at them and you will be impressed. Each of them is better than the other. Choose the one that suits your business and highlights your best feature. Rest assured, your software will take the internet by storm.