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Find Business Names for Your New StartUp Company

Startup Business Names


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What Makes a Good Brand Name for a Startup?

Finding the right name is almost as important as choosing what product to offer in your business. The right name can take your startup to new heights by helping you connect with your audience. A wrong name, on the other hand, can cause massive problems. A slow death resulting out of absolute audience apathy is one thing. Legal troubles resulting out of trademark infringement are an entirely different problem to deal with. So, here’s how to find a superb brand name for your startup.

Simplicity is Gold

A thumb rule for short, catchy names is that your name should have less than 11 letters. If possible, try to keep it 2 syllables short. Such brand names are catchy and memorable, and bring you huge dividends.

Be Captain Obvious

Don’t even give your audience a chance to guess what you do. Your name should do the job in a creative way. Flickr, Snapchat, 7Zip, are all great examples of short names that clearly communicate what they do. When you don’t have a huge marketing budget to wage marketing battles, an obvious name is the advertising equivalent of guerilla warfare.

Or Don’t Be Anything

Meaningless names make great brand names. They can be used for brand extensions and for diversification as your business grows. Getting such names trademarked is also a lot easier. However, marketing such brand names and familiarizing them to the audience requires a lot of effort and money. If your startup can muster both of them, then a meaningless, unique name is what you should pick.

Whatever Anyone Says, Always Go for .com Domain

First of all, search engines like Google prefer .com domains. That’s reason enough. Secondly, internet users tend to imagine a company with .com domain to be more established, professional, and trustworthy. As a startup, you need every ounce of trust that you can gain from your audience. Granted, sometimes, the domains of your choice might be taken. However, many domain owners are willing to sell their domains for the right price. Negotiate and get them. If you cannot get a .com domain for a name of your choice, then it might be better if you just come up with some other brand name.

Catchiness is the Ultimate Superpower

In the world of startups, catchiness is the most potent superpower. If your brand name is catchy, then it will be an immediate hit, even if you don’t spend a lot of money on promoting it. By successfully leveraging social media, and guerilla marketing techniques, you can turn your brand into a social media sensation, if it is catchy. Checking for catchiness is easy. Share the name with your friends and family. Ask them what the name was a few days later. If they happen to remember it, then it’s catchy.