Unique Business Names

Importance of Having a Unique Brand Name

In a world replete with countless products and businesses in every industry, you are bound to run out of words for naming your company or product. You come up with a great name, only to Google and find a thousand other companies and products with the same name. How are you ever going to differentiate yourself? The answer is simple – find a unique word that nobody else is using. If you can’t find one, then make one. Having a unique brand name is very important, especially if you plan to be a major player in your business.

A unique brand name can be trademarked. That’s a huge plus for your brand. Once you have trademarked your brand, nobody can use that name. This also means that when you are using a unique brand name, another company cannot sue you out of the blue for using their trademarked brand name. Yes, it happens more than you think.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of a unique brand is that you will not be borrowing the public perceptions of another brand. Say your brand name matches with another company’s brand name. If that company is always doing great, then people may also develop strong positive perceptions about your brand, wrongly presuming that the two products are offered by the same company. On the other hand, if the other company is not doing well or has a faulty product, your product might also suffer from the negative perceptions that it is facing. Why expose your business to unnecessary risk?

A classic example of the advantage offered by unique names is the case of Xerox. As the brand’s popularity soared, it became synonymous with the photocopying process itself. It is not uncommon for people to still use the word Xerox in place of photocopy in everyday usage. That’s what a unique brand name can do for your brand. It can make your brand synonymous with your service.

Finally, a unique synthetic (made up) name is meaningless. It doesn’t carry the baggage of preconceived notions about it. It is like a blank slate on which you can create anything you like. You can give such a brand name any type of character you like – good, bad, strong, sexy, lovely, funny, modern, compassionate, caring, inspiring, or anything else. You can mold such a brand name to your liking. As a result, your audience’s perceptions of your brand will be in your complete control.
That’s something even the biggest companies in the world only dream of!