Check Out These Top Startup Resources in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most important economic hubs in the US. Its border location makes it a crucial component of American trade with Mexico. On its part, San Diego has amazing laws and government systems that promote business in the region. Naturally, it is home to the headquarters of some of the biggest corporations operating in the US such as Qualcomm, Nokia, LG, and so on. The Columbia District, Core District, La Jolla, Marina, College Area, and many other locations are home to thriving small and medium businesses. They are also great places for startups to obtain the resources necessary for their survival and growth.


For startups that are looking for some unconditional and full range of support, EvoNexus is a godsend. They are a completely nonprofit organization, and work purely on pro bono basis. This means that the participants of this incubator end up paying zero money to them, and do not owe them any kind of monetary obligations. They offer everything from mentorship, networking opportunities, VC connects, furnished offices, expert help, and more. It is a subsidiary of CommNexus, which is a nonprofit as well.

Analytics Ventures

Analytics Ventures is a startup accelerator focused primarily on tech startups. It conducts an accelerator program for entrepreneurs, twice a year. Analytics Ventures offers an extensive set of services and support in terms of marketing, sales, capital, technology, and mentorship. As the name suggests, it was founded by people who have a robust background in analytics. They offer their real-time analytics platform for the startups to analyze the performance of their products and services, and fine tune them for maximum profits. They have an excellent network of experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, and individual investors, which the participants can leverage to build a better future for their startups.

Connect Springboard

Connect Springboard is an absolutely free program designed for early stage startups. They have an excellent coaching and mentoring system, wherein they help startups develop the products, fine tune them, and even commercialize them as per the best industry practices. They offer legal, marketing, and financial support to help the startup team manage a self-sustaining business. Once the teams or entrepreneurs complete their programs, they are prepped for participation in startup competitions across the country. Connect Springboard also helps entrepreneurs connect with relevant people in the industry who can help them take their startup to the next level.