How Does A Brand Name Influence Consumers?

Brands have taken over the world completely. They are everywhere – on your television, in your app, on billboards, at bus stops, and so on. Companies are sponsoring events, conducting workshops, telling you a story, and spending millions of dollars, just so that you remember their logos. They are doing all of this because brands help them earn huge revenues. How you ask? Do you want to know how a brand name influences consumers? There are so many ways.

First of all, you have to understand that a brand is the identity of a company. So, a company spends money on creating a brand name that people come to relate with certain things. For instance, a company like Mercedes would want its consumers to relate Mercedes with luxury and comfort. The company has nurtured this notion in people for decades. If you ever see the name Mercedes, the same emotions evoke inside you. If you see this brand name even on an unrelated product like, say, a pen, then you will automatically presume that the pen is of superb quality; you will think it is a high-end pen. You do not even have to see the price tag. You know it’s going to be pricey.

Now, you have to understand the shopping process well to understand how a brand name can influence your customers. Each brand name evokes an emotion in the minds of the consumers. When the consumer is out in the market searching for a product or a service, a brand name can be as important a factor as price and quality of the product. Take Nike, for instance. It has carefully crafted its image as an athletic, successful, and go-getter kind of brand. Now, imagine you have two shoes in front of you. One is Nike and another is an unbranded product. Let’s assume that you know for a fact that both have the same quality and a similar price. You know both will last the same time. Which one are you going to buy? Nike, in all probability. The reason is simple – after all, it’s Nike. The something extra that you feel you get with Nike is the power of the brand name. You trust Nike, and you believe that it brings with it that ‘Just Do It’ spirit.

Brand names can also influence your consumers in a very subtle way. How it feels to say a brand name at the cash counter. Let’s say you are buying a manly pair of hiking shoes. Which one do you feel will get more sales? Fluffy Bunnies or Racer X? You know the answer. Every word has a ring to it, and if your product and brand name do not resonate with your customers’ needs, then you are losing customers.

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