4 Startup Resources You Should Know About in Florida

Florida is experiencing a technology innovation boom of its own. The state has made its intentions clear that it wants a piece of the tech action that so far has been an exclusive domain of the Silicon Valley. Cities like Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Daytona Beach are increasingly 1making their presence felt in the American startup scene. Granted the state has a long way to catch up with the opposite coast, the state is getting all the help it needs to become a major contributor to the economy. If you are a startup in Florida, here are some resources that you might want to check out.


Venture Hive

Venture Hive is a tech startup incubator and accelerator. They offer a 13-month program for startups, at the end of which, the startups get 6 months of free office space. The qualifying startups for the programs also receive $25,000 in funding. Most important of all, the startups get professional mentorship from experts, which help the startups create a viable business model or a pitch to help them get investment. Venture Hive also helps startups get funding from investors.


Startupbootcamp Digital Health

Startupbootcamp targets startups that are working on healthcare innovations in the Miami area. They have a worldwide presence, and their Miami chapter has tasted a decent success. They are always looking for startup that are working on disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry, and have an immense potential to grow. Their Digital Health program helps such startups get in touch with healthcare providers, insurers, and investors. They even provide a seed funding of up to $120,000, plus free office space for each qualifying startup.


Endeavor Miami

Endeavor Miami is a startup resource strictly for startups that have already proved that they have the potential to make a huge impact. Startups who have a viable business model, achieved sales, and have scaled up to a sustainable size qualify for assistance from Endeavor Miami. Once the startups are selected by Endeavor Miami, they get a wide range of assistance for the long haul. Endeavor helps startups with scaling up, hiring talented staff, creating wealth, manage various business processes, and more.


Rokk3r Labs

Rokk3r Labs has a unique approach to startup assistance. They offer their own blend of incubation and acceleration that is unlike anything that you will find elsewhere. Once they select an early stage startup, they create a startup cell around that startup. This cell works at breakneck speeds from ideation to validation to implementation to the final launch of the product. A great advantage of being associated with Rokk3r Labs is that they help startups through the thick and thin of the business vagaries. If you make it to into their fold, they are with you till the end.