Top Resources for Startups in Houston TX

Houston, Tx is one of the hottest startup destinations in the US. Low cost of living, an excellent talent base, and a thriving energy and life sciences industry has contributed to developing an entire class of aspirational entrepreneurs, who draw great inspiration from the NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Businesses are scattered across the city in the form of hubs that can be found in the Bay Area, Westchase, Greenspoint, Downtown, and the Energy Corridor. Any startup working in these neighborhoods can easily find abundant resources to assist them in their growth and success. Here are the most important of them.


Houston Technology Center

The Houston Technology Center is one of the most influential incubator and accelerator in the entire US. In fact, Forbes named HTC as one of the “Ten Technology Incubators Changing the World”. HTC offers an in-depth strategic and technical assistance to startups that are working on disruptive ideas and innovations. It helps them raise funds, learn the business, and connect them to the right people. Instead of a blanket program for all, HTC helps each startup and every entrepreneur in a way that is most useful to them whatever stage their startup is at.


Fruition Technology Labs

For startups in the early stage, Fruition Technology Labs offers a 5-step plan for success. They help them define their goals and business objectives. They help them create a strategy for marketing, sales, and commercialization of their product. The startups are then guided to recognize their target audience and develop strategies that focus on that target. Startups then build the products with all-round assistance from Fruition Technology Labs, and then launch them. Throughout this process, Fruition Technology Labs helps the startups in every step of the way.


SURGE Ventures

SURGE Ventures is an accelerator and investor in disruptive startups that are operating in the clean energy, clean water, and other bleeding-edge technological areas for sustainable development. SURGE Ventures helps startups in all phases of their growth. They even assist startups who are on the verge of venture capital funding.


RED Labs

RED Labs takes the fever of entrepreneurships right to the heart of the talent. They are an incubator at the University of Houston. They help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams realize their ideas by offering them a space on the campus for work. They connect them with the right people who can offer mentorship, funding, or even consultancy. In a nutshell, they help the startup through the entire process from ideation to creation of a sustainable business.