Top Startup Resources in Austin

Austin is home to a large number of tech companies in the US. A massive pool of tech talent that graduates every year in the city keeps pumping into the city’s talent hungry tech companies. As a result, there is an unusually high concentration of tech businesses in the city. Such a tech-focused environment has been remarkably conducive for new startups that leave a mark on the economy of Austin.

If you do not have the money to make it big in startup meccas like Silicon Valley, then Austin is a haven for you. Many areas in the city like Downtown Austin, South Congress, South Lamar District, Warehouse District, and East Austin have become hot destinations for startups in Austin looking to make it big. The highly supportive startup ecosystem of Austin has plenty of resources for startups in the city. Here are some of them.


Capital Factory

Capital Factory is one of the most resourceful organizations dedicated to startups in Austin. They have a rigorous qualifying process for startups. Once the startups do qualify, they get a vast number of resources like office space in Downtown Austin, free web hosting, access to Amazon Web Services, 2-year subscription to Microsoft Azure, and so much more. The startups can then choose the mentors that they would like to work with. Capital Factory is easily one of the most prolific breeding grounds for startups in all stages of growth.



TechStars is a hugely popular and respected startup accelerator across the world. Their Austin chapter has been recently launched and it is already drawing big crowds of entrepreneurs. The accelerator accepts about 1% of all applicants. Those who do pass their process get access to a host of resources such as hosting services on Amazon Web Servers, Softlayer, Rackspace, and more. Teams also get free airline miles, funding, access to superior banking services, legal services, and a lot more. TechStars is one of the most coveted accelerators, and its presence in Austin just means that Austin is counted among the big boys now.


The Business Journals

The Business Journals is a very active and reliable source of business news across the country. It has an Austin edition, and an entire section dedicated to startups in the city. It features all the important news that could be of relevance to the city’s new businesses. It covers a total of 17 industries, and updates news throughout the day almost as soon as it happens. A quick glimpse through this journal brings you up to speed on everything new in the startup scene in Austin.