Top Startup Resources in Russia

After years of heavy dependence on state-sponsored corporations to drive the economy, Russia is finally realizing the potential of startups to transform its ailing economy. Slowly but surely, startups in Russia are getting the support they need. Cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, and Yekaterinburg are churning out more startups every year than at any time in the past. Here are some great resources to help startups in Russia.

Moscow State University Business Incubator

The Moscow State University Business Incubator is one of the most active groups dedicated to supporting startups. They have a news page that offers startups a variety of information regarding various events, meetups, competitions, etc. happening in Moscow. They also have a strong presence on Facebook and Vkontakte, which is Russia’s social networking website.


At its core, #tceh is a co-working space. But, it has become a lot more than that. For starters, it is a great place to develop new, useful contacts in the startup world. In fact, #tceh is a startup ecosystem of its own. You can meter everybody from experts in your industry to major investors. The experts are happy to offer you feedback on your products and services. In addition to all the advantages, #tceh has a strong association with the Fund for Internet Initiatives Development, which is a huge plus for startups in the internet domain.

Strogino TechnoPark

Strogino TechnoPark is the top destination for startups at any stage of growth. TechnoPark offers a range of services according to the needs of the various startups. Early stage startups can get incubation, acceleration, or even assistance with developing their prototypes. Growing startups can even set up their own laboratories or production facilities at the TechnoPark. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of locating your startup in TechnoPark is that you get easy access to governmental support as this business center works closely with Business departments of Moscow authorities.

Internet Initiatives Development Fund

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund offers a full range of assistance to startups. However, it is only for IT startups that have already created their products or services and are selling them in the market. The startup teams will undergo a highly focused consulting program, after which the top teams are selected for the demo presentation. These select startups can present their demo in front of potential investors for funding. To participate in the program, the startups can either pay a fixed fee or share a small portion of their company’s equity.