Top Startup Resources in San Francisco

San Francisco is the hottest destination for entrepreneurs and high quality tech talent. It draws talent, investors, and entrepreneurs from every corner of the world. If there is a tech startup in some corner of the world, it dreams of having an office or operations based out of the Silicon Valley in San Francisco. In addition to the Silicon Valley, many other locations in San Francisco are emerging as startup hubs in their own right such as the MidMarket, South of Market, Financial District, Richmond District, and others. As a result, there is no dearth of startup resources to discover in San Francisco.


Y Combinator

Y Combinator has international operations. They are among the most respected accelerators in the world. They help early stage startups with their startup idea, and fine tune their approach to the business. They even help them create a compelling business plan that is professional and rewarding for the investors. Most importantly, they help startups present their idea, prototype, or product in front of a massive number of investors on the Demo day. This is the event where many startups that are pushed by Y Combinator taste funding success.



AngelPad is an accelerator and investor, who accepts two batches of 12 startups each, per year. It has quite an intensive program that is specially tailored for each of the startups. The accelerator offers personalized mentorship that has a strong focus on product development, marketing, market strategy, and fundraising. Once the startups are accepted, they get an initial capital influx to help them sustain until they are funded by a venture capitalist or an angel investor. Moreover, AngelPad offers an extensive range of backend assistance with incorporation, fundraising, obtaining immigration visas, and more.



Tandem is another popular name in the startup circles. It is exclusively dedicated to startups that are working in the mobile space. Their immense popularity arises from the fact that the startups graduating from their program have registered an incredible 90% success rate. That supremely impressive. Tandem offers as much as $200,000 in initial investment in the form of convertible notes. Its 6-month program accepts only 6 startups per season. Naturally, they get a large number of applications and they pick only the startups with the highest potential of success. Tandem’s strategy is not to provide new contacts for startups, but to equip them with all the resources necessary to become blockbuster hits.