Top Startup Resources in Switzerland

Top Startup Resources in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been an economic powerhouse. The country is best known for its banking system, cheese, chocolates, watches, and scenic landscapes. The Swiss banking system is renowned across the world. Naturally, startups are taking their heritage to the next level with fintech innovations. An overwhelming number of startups in Switzerland are in the fintech domain. Business-friendly laws, excellent corporate culture, high quality education, and a robust investment environment together have created a conducive environment for budding startups in cities like Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, and Basel. Here are some top resources for startups that are either operating in Switzerland or planning to move there.


Fintech Fusion

Fintech Fusion is an accelerator that is dedicated to reinforcing the reputation of Switzerland as the financial hub of the world. It offers a 12-month accelerator program for fintech startups, who have to move to Geneva for the program. As part of the program, each of the selected 10 startups are assigned an in-house mentor who will help the startups fine-tune their ideas, create viable business plan, develop a clear strategy, and develop a sustainable business model. Fintech Fusion also helps startups raise funds through its network of investors, companies, and angel investors. It doesn’t take any equity from the startups.


Kickstart Accelerator

Kickstart Accelerator is another major accelerator in the European startup scene that does not take any equity from startups. It offers an 11-week acceleration program for startups from a variety of industries that have the potential to firm keep Switzerland on the forefront of innovation. Its main focus is on fintech, smart cities, healthcare and edtech, robotics and smart systems, and food industries. As one of the largest multi-corporate accelerator program, Kickstart Accelerator has a lot of clout in the startup industry, which means that startups that are selected by hit have hit the figurative gold.


Thomson Reuters Labs – The Incubator

Thomson Reuters is one of the largest media organizations in the world. But, its lesser known operations include in the financial, life sciences, legal, and many other industries. Its ambitious incubator leverages the group’s massive network of some of the largest organizations, important investors, and companies to create a high power startup environment. Investors can interact with startups and invest in those that they think have the most potential to succeed. The program offers everything from office space to mentoring by highly successful executives and entrepreneurs.