Here Are Your Top Startup Resources in Texas

Texas has always been a hotbed of innovation and a thriving startup haven. Although not in the same league as the Silicon Valley, Texas does have its own share of attractions for the budding entrepreneurs, especially in the southern states. Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso all play a major role in churning out the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups of America. Here are some resources for startups in Texas that make all of this possible.


Tech Wildcatters

Tech Wildcatters is a full-service startup incubator. They offer money, resources, time, mentorship, and co-working space for early stage startups. It is a major player in the tech startup scene in Dallas, and has a structured accelerator program for startups called The Gauntlet. It is a nationally renowned accelerator and as such, commands a huge media presence. Tech Wildcatters is definitely the first stop for tech startups in Dallas.


Austin Technology Incubator

Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) is the startup incubator of the University of Texas. ATI accepts rolling admissions all startups, including those who are not associated with the UT-Austin. ATI is one of the most prolific incubator and fundraiser for startups. Its graduates have so far raised hundreds of millions in funding. They also collaborate extensively with other incubators, accelerators, investors, companies, and other players in the startup economy to help startups build a sustainable business.


Hubert Zajicek

Hubert Zajicek is a Co-Founder & CEO of Health Wildcatters, which is an important incubator and accelerator in the startup scene of Dallas and Fort Worth. He is a very active angel investor and has connected with more than a 1000 startups so far. His incubator is mainly interested in the healthcare startups and offers a full range of services for the early stage startups.


Capital Factory

Capital Factory is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, high quality talent, companies, and other players of the startup industry. It offers startups a downtown Austin co-working space, where they have meeting rooms, classrooms, break rooms, event spaces, and more. They have worked with thousands of startups and investors, creating a pool of high energy ecosystem that is built for success. They accelerate startups with their programs, and help them put an excellent pitch to the investors. Their vast network of investors means that startups have a high chance of getting their initial funding from an investor.