Here are the Top Startups Resources in Italy

Italy is the eighth richest country in the world, with a GDP of nearly $2 trillion. For decades, Italian products, especially in the fashion and the luxury automobile industries, have been dominating the markets across the world. Now, a new generation of startups is making inroads into a variety of industries, both traditional and digital. Milan has firmly established itself as the startup capital of Italy. The other top business cities in Italy – Rome, Venice, Naples, and Florence are finally catching up to it. If you are a startup in Italy, here are some top resources that might be available to you.



H-Farm is one of the very few venture incubators in the startup world. It offers both venture capital for early stage startups, and also provides incubation services. H-Farm operates across four countries – Italy, India, USA, and UK. As a VC, H-Farm offers early stage startups the seed capital they need for a share in the startup’s equity, and as an incubator, it offers a full range of startup support such as a workplace, human resources, press office, and legal and financial consultancy.


LVenture Group

LVenture Group is a venture capital company based out of Rome. It is listed on the Italian stock exchange, and invests in startups in a variety of ways. More importantly, through its arm LuissEnLabs, it offers a rigorous startup accelerator program that supports early stage startups with disruptive ideas. LuissEnLabs conducts the program in two batches per year. The program lasts for 5 months in total, and provides tremendous support for startups. They get mentoring from dozens of international executives, startup management seminars, networking opportunities, and even funding.



DPixel is one of the most popular resources in the startup scene in Italy. It offers the most comprehensive set of services and support to startups in a variety of industries. However, it is primarily focused on tech startups. DPixel offers funding, incubation, acceleration program, and even specialized consulting for startups. DPixel offers investment to predominantly early stage startups, and provides them innovation consulting to gear them up for the big challenges in their industry. In addition to providing investment, DPixel also helps startups get funding from external investors.


Mind The Bridge

Mind The Bridge is the Italian startups’ gateway to the world. It coaches and prepares entrepreneurs, startups, corporates, and investors to expand their operations to global markets. It provides the startups exposure to the biggest thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurial activity – the Silicon Valley. It works like a school, wherein entrepreneurs register themselves, and graduate after completing their year-long program. It even organizes events that bring good networking opportunities for the participants.