When and Why To Change A Brand Name

Do you know this multi-billion dollar company called BackRub? You probably don’t. It is also very possible that it would have never become a multi-billion dollar company had it stuck to the name BackRub. Do you know this company? You may recognize it today by the name of “Google”. That’s right! Google was called BackRub a long time ago, and then it decided to go for a change. And look how that worked out.

No wonder a brand name is an incredibly important part of a company’s identity. Even if you do not care about the brand name, the market does. And if you do not pay attention to your brand name, you will be branded as per the whims of the market. Keeping your brand name updated with your company image, product offering, and with the changing times is incredibly important.


But, when is the right time to change a brand name?

Well, there are a lot of signs, if you are looking carefully. Many a times you pick a brand name, which is very similar to another company. So, if you are getting a lot of calls or queries regarding a product or service that is not relevant to you, then you know that there is some brand confusion going on. This is a more pressing issue if the brand is within your industry. It will be difficult for you to ride on the success of the other company. But, if that company earns a bad reputation, it will negatively affect your image as well. Moreover, now you have also discovered that your brand name is not unique. This is a good time to put your thinking cap on, and search for a new brand name.

Many companies jump from one industry to another, but keep their brand name same. This creates a lot of confusion in the market. Let’s say you were selling toilet cleaners under the brand name “XYZ”, but now you have made a switch. You are now selling beauty soaps. The brand XYZ has an image of a strong and powerful toilet cleaner. Now that you are selling beauty soaps, people will still have that image in their mind. Who wants a beauty soap that is strong and powerful? No one. You have to give your brand attributes such as elegant and nourishing to your new offering. For that to happen, you should begin by changing your brand name.

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